MFA 3 in 1 headlamp

The battery states 7.5 hours on full beam and I’ve used mine for 6 hours constant – it did not dim at all. It is bright enough for most situations and the battery is nice and small and light. Reviewer:  rod


THE LONG AWAITED BOOK BY DAVID STOREY IS NOW ON SALE To order your copy/ copies, please contact David direct, via PM. Some quotes from a few people who have had a sneak preview of the book: “……..couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it. An excellent read and very informative.” Gogs “….a book like


I’ve had this rod for around 18 months now and wouldn’t swap it for anything else when it comes to beach fishing. It’s great for fishing either close in with the reel up the butt, or at distance with the reel down the butt. The balance of the rod is as close to perfect as

Marine Conservation Society – Fish to Eat and Avoid

The Marine Conservation Society – (MCS) publishes its latest list of Fish to Avoid and Fish to Eat (see Appendix). Based on current scientific assessments of fish stocks, the list is available free at the website and in the handy Pocket Good Fish Guide. MCS is advising consumers to avoid vulnerable and overfished species

Greys Syntra Rod

This is the first “decent” rod I’ve owned and I couldn’t be happier with it. On all multiplier rods I’ve owned in the past I have removed the coasters and replaced with a ‘reel seat’, such as is seen on fixed spool rods. With this rod it wasn’t an issue and although I know this

Daiwa SL20SH

I have found that this reel has the performace to be one of the best sea fishing reels. It’s ultra fast retrieve make it a big bonus when fishing over rock marks. And in spool terms i like the little spool wich is the “20” model rather than the bigger spool which is the “30”

Ron Thompson Axellerator

I have found the Axellerator to be a great rod for the money. I had doubts about it when I first purchased it as it appears to have the action of a broom shank but this was quickly laid to rest during my first few casts. The rod I bought was the 13.5ft version and

Breakaway Boat & Pier Rest

‘Quick action for boat & pier hand rails and other awkward places’ It makes life so much easier on pier railings. It’s a really simple plastic and rubber rest which means it’s never going to rot or rust. The part of the V which holds your rod is rubber so it’s not likely to scratch