Earls Court Boat Show – Johnson Outdoors

The Peekaboo is a unique design of sit-on-top which, literally, offers a window on the underwater world. Built into the base of the hull is a large, leak proof viewing window so you can look into the water while you are paddling.

Being built by Ocean Kayak it also offers great stability and performance of course, plus plenty more features to make it perfect for family fun on the water. There’s a roomy comfortable seat in the standard paddling position and a moulded in jump seat further forward for children who want to take a peek beneath the surface.

“It’s great to be able to bring a new boat like this to the Show,” commented Derroll Pedder of Nucleus Watersports. “One of the reasons people like to come to a boat show is that they can see and touch our products – something you can’t do on the internet. With the Peekaboo and our range of Ocean Kayak sit-on-tops, it’s an opportunity to see their features first hand. Also of course at Earls Court we hope to pick up orders for Christmas, so why not give them something useful!”

Although the Peekaboo only weighs 61 lbs (27.7kg) the maximum carrying capacity is a hefty 400-450 lbs (181 – 205kg). She’s 11’ 11” ( 3.63m) long with a width of 34” (86cm) and built-in carrying handles make her easy to transport. The Peekaboo is made of durable rotomoulded polyethylene; the tough plastic viewing window is scratch resistant and recessed to protect it but is easy to replace if necessary.

The oversized tank well gives plenty of room for storage and is the perfect place to stow your mask, snorkel and fins. Alternatively it could provide ideal extra room for a lightweight youngster. Cleverly Ocean Kayak has even thought of a built-in handle in the tank well so you can easily get back on board when you’ve been for a swim. This sit-on-top also features water bottle holders, a moulded-in cup holder plus two paddle keepers with easy to use tabs. For more storage you can have an optional 6” bow hatch.