The Penn 535

The Penn 535 has been around for a few years now and has proved itself to be a very popular choice among anglers who don’t make compromises when it comes to reliability and durability.  Built like tanks, these reels are able to meet even the toughest demands, time after time.  The high retrieve ratio and overall ‘grunt’ that this reel provides makes it a firm favourite with the serious rock angler who needs to be able to crank big fish in quickly to avoid snags. Both the pinion gear and spindle are supported by bearings, so when the pressure is on, the drive train remains in perfect alignment – allowing you to use brute force without fear of the reel collapsing.

Capable of holding 400 yards of 15lb line, the versatile 535 has also proved to be a big hit with boat anglers and is perfect for uptide boat casting.  Displaying all the qualities that you’ve come to expect from Penn reels, there is very little this modern classic won’t do.

Penn 535Price: £99.99

Supplier: Fishtec