Penn Dynabraid

{This review was submitted to another site of ours, but this is a braid that may appeal to sea anglers – Ed}

Like many other anglers, I know very little about the manufacture or technology of ‘super braids’, but I do use this for a variety of tasks in my sea fishing, however  I think Penn ‘Dynabraid’ is primarily aimed at the US or Spanish angling market for, as the name suggests, cat fishing.

It is available in breaking strains ranging from 80lbs to a mighty 220lbs and in spools between 200m (80lbs) and 80m (220lbs). For its strength, it has a remarkably low diameter, averaging just over 0.596mm across the 5 available breaking strains. The round cross section means reduced resistance in tidal waters and the Kevlar based braid gives incredible abrasion protection.

Penn DynabraidThe braid ‘beds’ exceptionally well on spool drums, reducing tangles and preventing damage to the reel. It is also surprisingly supple for a thicker braid, and knots are easy to tie and ‘sit’ well in the eye of swivels or hooks. When cut with sharp blades, there is very little fraying to cause any problems and the braid does not twist or unravel.

Ideally used to form the main body of any trace or as a mainline in deep water, Penn Dynabraid is an extremely hard wearing element of any angling set up. Penn braids are salt water resistant too, an important factor in sea fishing if you want your braid to last for a full season. Get yours online or at any good tackle stockist.

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Clint Walker