Petrol outboards replace diesel inboards

Following reliability problems with their inboard diesel engine, Calypso Marine decided to re-engine a 9 metre cabin Ribcraft with twin Suzuki 200 hp outboards and to purchase a new 7.8 metre Ribcraft with twin Suzuki 150 hp outboards.

Used as safety boats to support work on the Forth Rail Bridge, the new fast craft Canada Online Pharmacy, buy meds cialis prescription online Pharmacy For Sale Canada, where to buy 5mg cialis Best Canadian Pharmacies perform a vital service transferring crew and stores from ships on the Forth.

The decision to replace inboard diesel with outboard engines was due to a number of factors, according to Calypso’s joint owner, Stuart Taylor, who said:

"We had difficulty working with the existing diesel engine – we are commercial operators and can’t afford to have the boat out of service. With the new outboards we could change an engine in a few hours in the event of a major failure, compared to three or four days of downtime for the inboard engine."

He added, "The new Suzuki engines are much quieter and less smoky than the diesel inboard. A major advantage is the added working deck space inside the boat without the big inboard engine box."

Ribcraft Sales Manager, Jason Purvey, said: "Durability and reliability are the top priorities for this sector of the market and Suzuki are our first choice of outboard motor for our commercial customers. The competitive price, back-up from Suzuki and two-year commercial warranty form a package that really speaks for itself.

"We have fitted many of Suzuki’s engines in a whole range of commercial applications from 12-seater passenger-carrying boats used for eco-tourism, to harbour patrol boats and charter boats."

Suzuki Marine’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Richard Whittaker, commented, "Calypso Marine’s experience underlines the compelling reasons as to why commercial users can benefit from using modern fuel injected 4-stroke outboards. Suzuki’s 4-stroke outboards are compact, quiet and fuel-efficient, making them ideal for working boats."