Petzl Ultra Accu2 Head Lamp

This is a piece that first featured on our sister-site, The Petzl Ultra Accu2 headlamp is VERY MUCH at the top end of the head torch market, with a current price just under £300. At that price, it won’t be for every angler, but well worth a look if you’re fortunate enough to have enough money to buy the very best….

In Brief…
To simply call it a head torch seems rather an insult – it’s more of a total night time illumination system that could guide a helicopter down onto a North Sea oil rig in bad weather! A little OTT for the occasional night angler, but probably the best light investment any serious specimen/sea angler could ever make. To be blunt, you’ll never look at head torches in the same light again – literally!

Petzl Ultra Accu2 Head LampProduct Review
The Petzl Ultra Accu2 is an ultra-powerful headlamp with three regulated brightness levels and an ACCU 2 ULTRA rechargeable battery. It’s designed for intense night time activities and offers ultra-powerful, regulated lighting (350 lumens) and a wide and intense beam that will last for the entire activity. Designed for action, the ULTRA is held securely on the head and is extremely reliable in all weather conditions; with long burn-times (the power level is easily verified).

Ultra high-output regulated lighting:
– 350 lumens
– constant lighting level, automatically switches to reserve power mode when battery pack is almost discharged
– New generation power LEDs

Designed for action:
– excellent fit on the head: compact design, flexible head mount stabilizing plate and comfort foam, wide elastic headband and adjustable top strap
– compact light body
– high-output rechargeable battery pack (Lithium Ion 2000 mAh): large capacity and excellent performance at low temperatures with Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
– easy to use: choice of lighting level with intuitive dial.

Reliable and durable:
– lighting duration of 1h30 in maximum mode, plus 30 minutes in reserve power mode
– test button for rechargeable battery with battery level indicator
– durable construction and storm resistant (IP 66)
– bulb does not need to be replaced
– lamp and rechargeable batteries are guaranteed for 3 years
– three lighting levels: maximum, optimum, economic, to adapt the light to the activity
– light body can be tilted vertically to change light direction
– modular design adapts to the situation to maximize burn time or minimize the weight on the head

Brand Synopsis
Petzl is a leading innovator in high end lighting products and has been associated with all major underground, alpine and Himalayan adventures since the 1970s. While closely involved with outdoor sports enthusiasts and professionals, Petzl remain true to their core values and ways: listening to and valuing customers whilst taking innovative and practical approaches to product design and quality.

Petzl Ultra Accu2 Head LampVerdict
If you need to make night time day, then this little beauty is for you. If you just do the occasional night session or early morning foray along a river bank, then it’s safe to assume this head torch will be a tad overkill; akin to turning up with the Manchester United first team to face a bleary eyed lads and dads outfit for a Sunday morning kick about in the park. However, for specimen or sea anglers who are out at night on a regular basis, this head lamp is probably the best bit of kit you could buy, and one which no matter what the conditions will always perform – and that’s what you are buying really. Aside from all the countless (and highly impressive) features this lamp has to offer, you are effectively buying a cast iron guarantee that whenever you switch it on, in any situation and in any environment, it’s going to work, and work bloody well!

We’ve all been there at night; wishing the head torch currently turned on and disappointingly fading away into the ether at twenty yards distance would scrub up and offer more help with the cast you’re about to attempt to the island margin way out in open water! This offering from Petzl will be your friend for life in such situations. With 350 lumens regulated output you’ll wonder what to do with all the illumination on offer – the 120m beam setting is truly something to behold – just make sure any aircraft in the locality don’t mistake your swim for a runway!

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