The new Prowler Ultra 4.7 has been designed for serious kayak fishing. It incorporates all the practical features anglers have come to expect from Ocean Kayak plus innovations including a multi-functional reversible hatch cover, a live bait tank and also an ice box storage well. The 4.7 metre (15’ 5”)  performance hull offers speed and stability with a deck area laid out to maximize comfort and make this a highly effective fishing craft.

A particularly clever aspect of the new design is the multi-functional hatch cover. This houses a fish finder and the cover rotates so the fish finder display can be stowed safely inside a waterproof compartment when not in use. Also in the centre hatch is a rod tube kit for storing two rods inside the hull. The live bait tank is easily accessible behind the deluxe comfort seat and this area can also be used for an anchoring system. A tank cover and pump kit are available to fill and aerate the tank. Aft of the bait tank is a large deep tank well designed to take an ice box storage pod which can be easily removed.

Four flush mounted rod holders are fitted on deck and there are moulded in inserts for either a Cannon® or Scotty® rod holder. The large forward hatch for dry stowage has neoprene seals and is fitted with a Cross Lock™ system for quick release. Bungee points and a paddle holder offer additional storage points and on the foredeck there is a dedicated flat area for fitting a VHF or GPS antenna. The transducer scupper hole will fit various fish finders including the Humminbird side scan unit.

Although the Prowler Ultra 4.7 has a load carrying capacity of 250kg it only weighs 35kg and even when heavily laden the Tri-formed hull glides easily through the water with exceptional tracking characteristics. The slightly flared bow with extra volume provides superior lift giving a drier ride over waves and chop. For easy steerage, especially in strong tides or currents, an anodized Ocean Kayak rudder with foiled blade can be fitted. Robust lifting handles are fitted on the gunwhales, bow and stern and there is a replaceable wear strip to protect the bottom of the hull at the stern. Prices start at £999.