Rail Monkey Self Gripping Rodrest

Sometimes, it’s the little things than can make the biggest difference, and this nifty little product from Rail Monkey is no exception. All the better that it’s designed and produced in the UK. Basically it’s a pier fishing aid allowing you to fish your rods directly on to any type of rail without damaging your rod.

The rest fits railings and cables up to 80 mm diameter and isolates the rod from the rail. Not only does this give the rod fantastic protection but it also helps to dampen out railing vibration.

The device is so simple to use that it can be attached in a second, allowing greater ease of use over expensive tripod systems. There are three types of colour coded compound going from soft to very hard and each type offers fantastic grip and security. A quick look at the www.railmonkey.co.uk website will show how versatile these little rod rests can be, and as you are able to fit them in your pocket, it’s much easier to use over a large and heavy tripod.

On small rails the tangs can be interlocked, on medium sized rails the tangs can be left free, or splayed on large rails; simplicity in itself!

Rail Monkey retails at £5.95 for soft and hard and £6.35 for very hard.

Order online at: www.railmonkey.co.uk