Reeds Knot Handbook

This handy pocket guide contains all the most useful knots you’ll need whether on board or at the dockside. Each knot is broken down into clear step-by-step illustrations, with a photo of the finished knot and background information on its strengths, weaknesses, and when best to use it.
A perfect aide-memoire for experienced sailors, and the ideal learning tool for novices.


  • Overhand knots and hitches
  • Figure-of-eight knots
  • Bowlines and bends
  • Crossing knots
  • Wrap and tuck knots
  • Other useful knots for all situations

Reeds Knot HandbookWhether a knot is strong under load, quick to release, works well in wet conditions or works with different types of rope or cord, you will be able to select the correct knot for every situation. This book is a treasure trove of knots packed with information!
Jim Whippy is a former magazine editor and author of Sea Fishing, published by Adlard Coles Nautical. He also presents DVDs and is a selector for the England sea angling team.

Reeds Knot Handbook
15th July 2011
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 978 1 408 13945 5
128pp •pbk • 160x 100 mm

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