Remote Control Flying Shark

At this time of year, we get to see lots of fishing-related gifts. Usually, these are simply mugs with pictures of fish on, DVD box sets, new books and such like. Air Swimmers, however, look like they could be loads more fun!

A remote control flying shark or clown fish, in the hands of an angler, doesn’t bear thinking about. If nothing else, they would certainly keep you entertained if the Fishing Permission Officer (sometimes known as the ‘other half’!) won’t let you fish over the festive period.

Rather than attempt to describe these remote control fish to you in detail, we’ll leave you with the video below…and your imagination!

Remote Control Flying SharkYou’ll need to get some helium to fly these fish, which is available from Amazon, as well as many supermarkets and florists.

We reckon the Flying Shark looks the most fun. Just check out the cat at the end of the clip above!

Like everything on the internet, prices seem to change every day, but here are a couple of places you can buy Air Swimmers. Click the links below for more details;

Remote Control Shark – I Want One Of Those
Remote Control Shark – Play
Remote Control Clown Fish – I Want One Of Those
Remote Control Clown Fish – Play