Replacing Your Boat's Engine


In this series of highly practical, step-by-step photographic manuals, Replacing Your Boat’s Engine is the complete guide for any DIY boatowner, boatbuilder or repairer renovating or replacing a boat’s engine.

Shadowing the author’s own refit project for his small, long-distance ‘pocket cruiser’, this comprehensive guide takes a thoroughly hands-on, no-nonsense approach to each stage of the refit or renovation project, and explains in straightforward, jargon-free language all the vital information you need for each stage, including:

  • Replacing Your Boat's EngineHow to choose whether to rebuild or replace your engine
  • The hidden costs involved in either approach
  • The best method for removing the old engine and preparing the engine bed
  • How to deal with fuel systems and tanks, including the regulations to follow
  • Working with propellers, stern gear, raw water and bilge pumps
  • Soundproofing, test starting and finally running the newly fitted engine

Each stage concludes with a helpful summary, providing a difficulty rating, and the likely time and tools required. Also included is an up-to-date guide to buying an engine, making this book an absolute must for any DIY boatbuilder or repairer.
Mike Westin is a marine journalist and in his spare time a DIY boat repairer. He has owned and worked on a variety of boats, both power and sail, so is fully in tune with what boatbuilders and repairers need to know when taking on projects of this nature.

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