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Sea Fishing Rigs

The drawings in this section are of the rigs that I use regularly on North East marks. I know other anglers may use a different
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The Pennel Rig

For those of you who read reports where a fish has been took on a pennel rig and don't know what it is --- well ...
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The Up and Over Rig

The Up and Over is a rig which allows you to use a long flowing trace which will sit near to the sea bed. The ...
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The Pulley Rig

The Pulley rig shown opposite uses a pennel type hook set up but can be used with a single hook. The advantage of the pulley ...
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1Up 1Down Rig (Clipped)

A Simple rig incorporating 2 hook snoods. 1 of the hooks is tied at the top of the trace length and the other tied at ...
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Wishbone Rig

Worth including though it's a rig I carry but rarely use - unless I either get desperate or wish to try something for fun. It's ...
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Rotten Bottom Rig

The Rotten Bottom is part and parcel of some North East angling. My version is designed for simple lob casting over short distances. The trace ...
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Plaice Rigs

The basic rig consists of a length of 30lb line tied to a swivel and ending in a lead link. The distance between the ...
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Snaggy Rig

The length of the rig is determined by the severity of the snags that will be encountered at a particular venue, ie not many snags ...
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Blob Knot

This is the knot that I use for joining main line to shockleader. It is very strong and I can honestly say I have never ...
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Jigger Rig

The classic North East jigger, used by 99% of all anglers who wreck fish in this area.The jigger is made from 1"-1½" chrome pipe about ...
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Thumb Protector

Now before you complain - I know its not a rig but I didn't know where else to put it!To stop line burn when you ...
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