A New Organisation For Sea Anglers Is Launched

One of the biggest complaints on the various fishing forums around the country these past year or so has been a recognition that the Sea Anglers of the UK have no organised body on whom they can rely to support their views.

To address this Barry Luxton and Bob Shotter, two keen Recreational Sea Anglers, have put together a brand new internet based organisation that will provide the Anglers right across the United Kingdom with a platform to interact and form a democratically based agenda which can then be presented to the various organisations who’s decisions are set to affect sea angling in general.

The org known as RSA-UK is planned to attract and work on behalf of all rod and line sea anglers of all disciplines, be that boat, shore, catch & release, match, specific species or for the pot types of salt water fishing.

With an uncertain future there has never before been a need for sea anglers to unite and get involved as much as there is now and RSA-UK hopes to be able to provide a service to its members in a way in which those members chose.

RSA-UKRSA-UK will provide as much information as possible and will host open forums like many others but with one unique members only debating area were a vote will determine the democratic view of the members on each of the proposals suggested with regard all of the important issues affecting sea angling.

RSA-UK will seek recognition from all governing bodies and is already in the process of setting up dialogue with the RSA representatives who are members of the ten IFCA authorities around England.

Membership will cost just £5.00 which is intended to fund and maintain the web site as well as to provide the costs incurred in the representative process, but we stress that the org is intended to be non-profit making and that the very principle of the org means it will ultimately be for the members them self to decide on the destiny of RSA-UK

Register today (www.rsa-uk.org) and get a thirty day trial period during or after which we hope you will become full members of the UKs new sea fishing organisation.

‘Please note that due to spamming traffic we regret that all applications will require verification, this is simply to check you are a genuine applicant and you should receive a clearance email within twenty four hours.’

Tight lines,

Bob Shotter