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Sea Angler is the leading magazine for sea fishing news, tackle, tactics and marks to fish. If you’re a beach or boat angler thirsty for news, fishing stories, tackle tests, where to fish guides, and tips from the experts, then look no further! Sea Angler magazine gives you everything you need to catch fish!

Here’s a look at what’s in offer in issue 469, courtesy of the ‘Contents’ page:

Leg It To The Solway

Silloth in Cumbria has one of the best shore marks in the Solway Firth – the Tommy Legs navigation light. Gareth Griffiths says bass, flounders and dabs will keep your rod tip, and nerves, tapping for hours.

I’m Winding Like A Mad Dervish
Why are Bristol Channel anglers, who regularly fish the upper reaches, staying closer to home? Jensen Teakle is determined to find out.

Make Mine A Magrini!
Chris Clark isn’t ordering a drink while sunning himself in the Mediterranean, he’s taking part in a competition that offers fishing with a different edge.

Sea Angler MagazineWhat A Load Of Hessle
Steve Smith catches a string of eels to sweep the board in the Penn final held on the Hessle bank of the River Humber.

10 Must-Have Tackle Items
Sea Angler asked some of the best boat and shore anglers what item of kit they would never go fishing without.

Jumping In At The Deep End
Kirk Watson from Gillingham had no interest in fishing until he was 30, now he’s on the path to becoming an ace match angler. Shane Pullen has the story.

Pile It On With A Pulley

The Pennell pulley is superb for targeting bigger shore fish. Paul Fenech shows you how to tie your own specimen rig.

Fish Baits Catch More Big Fish
You cannot beat a big bait to catch a large fish, but you need to be fishing in the right place at the correct time.

Clear And Present Danger
Are you one of those anglers who get a buzz out of extreme fishing? Sea Angler don’t want you risking your neck for a specimen fish, so Alan Yates offers advice on staying safe.

Can King Rag Claim Bait Crown?
King ragworms are the biggest, most plentiful and most commonly used members of the ragworm family. But do they attract more fish than lugworms?

Tackle Shop

Your regular shop window on what’s new and useful from the leading tackle companies.

Mobile Tackle Box
Reader John Flower shows how he made a robust tackle box on wheels for around £100. It’s ideal for boat or shore.

The Price Is Right!
Pay £99.99 and save £121.99 on Sea Angler’s fabulous beach rod, reel, rigs and line combo.


Penn Sea League
Are you fishing in this prestigious event? You’ll want to know how you are doing.

Penn Clubman
This is the fun fishing league for clubs and individual match anglers.

Shimano Mission
The only sea catch competition where you can win badges and Shimano tackle for your best fish catches.

National News
Angling Trust Update
Shore And Boat Events
Trading Post
Young Rods
Worldwide Action

Sea Angler also features two separate sections….

Crusader Raiding Party

The two Russells, that’s Symons and Weston, board the crusader out of Plymouth for a lesson in lure fishing from skipper Ricky Matthews.

Light And Easy
It’s one of boat angling’s memorable sights – a big, orange-spotted plaice shimmering up through the clear water. Dartmouth skipper Dave Harrison shows you how he light-line fishes on the Skerries Bank.

Like A Duck To Water
Breaking new ground, Sea Angler ‘test drive’ a brand new Ocean kayak Trident 13 Angler. Editor Mel Russ writes the report, and art editor Dave Clow is the man on the paddles.

Win A Pack Of Soft Lures
Soft lure boat angling is a deadly, clean and quick way of fishing, so how would you like the chance of winning a prize pack of Savagear or Yokozuna softies?

Boat Tackle Shop
The latest boat tackle and gear for your boat.

Sounds Like It’s The Silly Season
The sandeels think they are safe hiding among the Bristol Channel sandbanks, but they forgot about the small-eyed ray, says Minehead skipper Dave Roberts.

A Tough Nut To ‘Crack’
The 16ft Smartwave XL490 is built around a virtually indestructible hull, but is she any good for angling?

Feeling Ever So ‘Gilty’
Andy Benham has always wanted to catch a gilthead bream from his kayak, so he sets out his stall in the upper reaches of Devon’s Salcombe estuary and waits for the tide to tur.

Predators Beware!
Editor Mel Russ finds out what all the fuss is about over the exciting new Sidewinder lures.

Riding The Irish Bass Boom

Irish bass fishing has hit highs and lows, but, as Gordon Thomes reports, sport fishing is now exhausting…and he never thought he would be saying that.

Pictures To Be Proud Of

BASS member Steve Pitts talks about basic fish photography.

Tackle Tested
Fly-lines from Airflo and Shakespeare, and a budget spinning rod from Ron Thompson.

Pull Hard To Get Lures High In The Water
Fish with a shorter, stiffer rod and crank harder to get the bass hitting those shallow water lures, says Henry Gilbey.

Bass Gallery
The best catches of the month.

Irish Catchlines
John Quinlan keeps you in touch with what’s happening in Ireland.

The Dinner Bell Rings
Mike Ladle takes a look at what’s inside the stomach of a bass.

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