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Sea Angler is the leading magazine for sea fishing news, tackle, tactics and marks to fish. If you’re a beach or boat angler thirsty for news, fishing stories, tackle tests, where to fish guides, and tips from the experts, then look no further! Sea Angler magazine gives you everything you need to catch fish!

Here’s a look at what you can expect to find in issue 472, courtesy of the ‘Contents’ page:

The Cod Are Coming
The food-rich ground off Ravenscar in North Yorkshire is the perfect place to kick-start your cod season. Andy Barmby says choosing the right tactics will see your rod nodding throughout the tide.

Dirty Deeds
When Bristol Channel angler Jansen Teakle stumbles upon some old bait in his freezer, it has unexpected results at a local haunt.

Sea Angler magazineFishing The Purbecks
Chris Clark takes a break from match fishing to try his hand at freelancing along the Dorset coast.

Pearly Whites

White ragworms are often described as a magic bait because they can be deadly on the hook, but is this controversial offering worth the effort?

Changing Seas

Climate change means warming sea temperatures and a shift in the distribution of fish species, says David Mitchell of the Angling Trust, and it’s something that sea anglers may have to get used to.

All For One, One For All

Why is it that The Herne Bay Angling Association is alive and well after over 100 years? Shane Pullen heads for the club’s seafront headquarters to find out.

Special DVD Offer

Enjoy Summer Magic, a two-hour feast of fishing along the Kent and Sussex coasts with Sea Angler’s regular contributor, Shane Pullen.


Out  Of Comfort Zone
We are now running up to the best shore fishing season of the year, but are you prepared for high winds, big seas, cold and driving rain?

Emergency Rig Service
Imagine you have just lugged your kit miles along the shingle only to find that your essential rig wallet is missing. There’s no need to panic, though, because Sea ngler show you how to create an emergency flapper rig on the beach.

Feel The Metal

The winter season is now upon us and there is a chance of better fish, which means you must think about vital tackle changes if you want to land your fish. Alan Yates has some advice on hooks, sizes and the best patterns.

Big Bait
Discover the main bait combinations and compromises you have to make between size, casting load and delivery to create that perfect bait for big winter fish.

Tackle Shop
A brief overview of new gear arriving in the tackle shops.

Winter Combo Offer
Pay just £39.99 for a rod, reel, line and rig wallet worth £114.97.

Down And Dirty
When the British weather turns dirty, carry on fishing by wearing the best protective clothing you can buy. Paul Fenech looks at what is available.

Save On Fishtec Deals

Save £60 on a shore or boat bundle from Fishtec.

Penn Sea League
The latest results and leaderboards covering the nation’s biggest shore league.

Penn Clubman
The fun fishing league for club and budding match anglers.

Shimano Mission

See all the latest shore and boat catch badge winners.

National News
Shore And Boat Events
Young Rods
Trading Post
Mini Marks
Next Month

As well as the main magazine features that you can see above, Sea Angler also has dedicated Boat Angler and Bass Angler sections. Here’s a look inside those two specialist sections…

Indiana Jones
Continuing Sea Angler’s series of fishing with top skippers, they board Indiana, a superb Cougar Cat skippered by Steve Jones out of Cardiff. Join them on an adventure to see if the rays are feeding.

Irish Cod Could Give You Gillers Wrist
For nearly a decade, anglers have struggled to catch cod along the south coast of Ireland, but now they are back in huge numbers, as Byron Way and Rob Thomas found out when they fished close to Kinsale.

Boat Tackle Shop
New clothing and bits for the boat to make life at sea easier.

This Boat Has The Edge
Dave Lewis steps aboard an Edgewater 228CC, a speedster that can race full bore out to those distant wrecks.

Three Star Kayak Training Course

The more Andy Benham, who’s training to be a British Canoe Union kayak coach, learns, the less he seems to know. Once he reckoned ignorance is bliss…not any more.

Fishing Down Florida Way
Bristol Channel charter fishing slows down during August, so that’s when Minehead skipper Dave Roberts takes a break. Sea Angler follow him to Florida’s Gulf Of Mexico.

Braid Of Many Colours
Contributing editor Dave Lewis asks if colour-coded braids are a fancy gimmick or an essential line marker.

Construct A Conger Trace
Stories of lost conger eels are legion and it is usually down to unfit for purpose traces, says Russ Symons. He shows you how to make a five-star trace.

Can You Walk The Walk?
Join Luke Holliday on a long-distance fishing mission into the Solway Firth.

Irish Catchlines
John Quinlan looks at how foul weather has favoured fishing.

Bass Gallery
A round-up of the month’s best bass catches with a special prize for the best story or fish.

A Balancing Act

Some rod and reel outfits feel wrong, says Sea Angler’s bass expert Henry Gilbey. He reckons large unbalanced fixed-spool reels have no place on shorter modern lure rods.

Sign Up – You Know It Makes Sense!

Interested in joining BASS? Then Geoff Gonella, the society’s catch recorder, explains how it all works and what’s on offer.

Eyes Wide Shut
Brighton pro guide Robin Howard, who is known as Fishyrob, works the South Coast beats for bass. Here he offers you some vital advice.

When Do Bass Focus On Food?
When do fish, and especially bass, feed? Dedicated bass angler Mike Ladle has his own theories.

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