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Sea Angler is the leading magazine for sea fishing news, tackle, tactics and marks to fish. If you’re a beach or boat angler thirsty for news, fishing stories, tackle tests, where to fish guides, and tips from the experts, then look no further! Sea Angler magazine gives you everything you need to catch fish!

Here’s a look at what you can expect to find in issue 473, courtesy of the ‘Contents’ page:

Cod From The Rough
When the cod are hiding in rough ground, it’s time to get tough to catch a prize fish.

Ramsgate Revisited

Shane Pullen wasn’t keen about revisiting Ramsgate pier in Kent…that’s until he heard how good the fishing can be by casting short.

Live Or Let Die
Dr. Mike Ladle digs amid the scientific data to see if mackerel can live another day if released.

Crab Lessons
Former world champion Chris Clark relays lessons about collecting, preparing and fishing peeler crabs.

Sea AnglerAngling Trust
Commercial fishermen think anglers sell their catches, while fishery officers want to impose bag limits. The Angling Trust’s David Mitchell puts us in the picture.

Mad On Maddies

Dave Lewis takes a look at the Loughor estuary in South Wales.

Facts Result In Fish
Your tackle, bait and rigs are ready, but where are you going to fish? Alan Yates points you in the right direction.

The Braid Revolution
Paul Fenech shows you a simple knot to join a mono tapered leader to a braid mainline.

Casting Conundrum
Alan Yates explains some efficient and safe casting styles.

Little Fish For Large Cod

How to fish a live fish at range to tempt those bigger predatory fish.

Cod Love Calamari
Alan Yates reveals perfect cod bait and, importantly, the range at which it should be fished.

Tackle Shop
A brief look at new gear arriving in tackle shops near you.

Bang On The Money
Pay £144.99 and save over £185 on an unbelievably priced beach combo compromising Penn 535 Performance multiplier, Salt rod, and trace wallet with rigs and line worth £330.97.

Stress Busters
Are you looking to buy a new surf fixed-spool reel? Here’s a selection with smooth retrieves, strength and durability to give you hours of stress-free beach fishing.

Splash Down
Gemini Tackle launches the Splash Down Solo, which can be attached to most sinkers, and there’s a look at some of its essential end rig components.

So Sensitive
Find out why match specialist anglers will appreciate the sensitivity of the Vercelli Spyra Ultima G3.

Sporty Shuttles

Akios multipliers offer performance and strength and this family of reels is growing rapidly with new additions to the Shuttle range.

Multi-Talented Teklon

Grauvell’s Teklon 10-section Surf Advantage 4500ll beach rod will create quite a stir, especially its £1,100 price.

Catch Cod In Comfort

The new Cod Cabin shelter will keep you snug and protected from the harsh weather conditions this winter.

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As well as the main magazine features that you can see above, Sea Angler also has dedicated Boat Angler and Bass Angler sections. Here’s a look inside those two specialist sections…

Steve’s Magic Sausage
Black lug is the classic winter cod bait, but what if you can’t get it? An alternative is blow lug, which isn’t so effective unless you follow skipper Steve Jone’s advice and wrap it in a protective skin.

Butch And The Sundance Kid
Sea Angler board Sundance Kid, operating from Ireland’s Kinsale harbour. The skipper is Butch Roberts and they don’t know it yet, but they are in for a blast of a day!

Still Crazy After All These Years

Gordon Thornes and crew, fishing aboard Uptide Girl, report back from the Daiwa Sports and Sea Angler magazine-sponsored Rosslare Small Boats Festival event, which was almost scuppered by the tail end of a hurricane!

Independence Day

Dave Lewis drives south-west to board the Independent out of Clovelly and find out what’s feeding in Bideford Bay. The thornbacks oblige and the lobster is a treat.

The Sheltie Lives

The much loved Shetland Sheltie has led a chequered life, says Dave Lewis, who tests the latest model, the Sheltie Super, manufactured by Ravogate Ltd, of Pontefract, Yorkshire.

Time To Walk The Walk
Sea Angler’s yakking expert, Andy Benham, finds himself cornered. His young nephew wants to catch a fish from a kayak and Uncle Andy has to oblige. He thinks he’s got all bases covered, but forgets about the weather.

“I Want That One!”

Every so often, along comes a reel that really impresses. In this case, it’s the Penn Fathom multipliers. Editor Mel Russ explains why he likes them and offers you the chance to win one.

Win A Sonik Sports Boat Rod

Sonik Sports has given Sea Angler an armful of up and downtiders to give away as prizes. They have a mix of its SK3 and SK4 rods, some of them worth a penny shy of £100.

What Do You Want From A Reel?
Minehead charter skipper Dave Roberts has seen it all – including pendulum casting from the deck of his boat. Here he talks about the pros and cons of multiplier and fixed-spool reels.

Show Bass Your Mussels
Pro guide Robin Howard kicks off a groundbreaking three-part series by showing us how he catches bass on fresh shellfish.

Golden Window Of Opportunity
Weed hanging in dirty water, angry confused waves making the shingle tumble – not exactly the best scenario to lure fish for bass, or is it? Henry Gilbey joins a man who can catch bass from the rough stuff.

Madness Of The Minimum Size Limit
Dorset bass angler and BASS member Matt Spence chews over the current minimum 36cm size limit for bass and says it’s too low. He wants to see it raised to 48cm.

Bait Fish For A Supersize Bass

Irish bass fishing guide John Quinlan urges anglers to get out on the near-deserted beaches with bait to catch a king-size bass. He’s got a bit of advice, though – if you are going to try it, hang on to your rod!

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