Sea Fishing Rigs

The drawings in this section are of the rigs that I use regularly on North East marks. I know other anglers may use a different set up but what the hell — you use what you feel is right for you.

Trace lengths are my own preferences but as conditions and locations differ, what may work for one angler may not suit another so you may want to experiment. I can only add that my preference with regards trace length is that in calmer conditions or snag free bottoms I use longer traces and in rough or snaggy bottoms I cut trace length down – sometimes to as little as 1′ for the hook trace. Diagrams are not to scale.

Please follow all safety rules with regard to line strength when tying rigs. It is no good using 80lb line for your shockleader and only 20lb line for your traces. My own choice is 60lb line for the sinker snood and 30lb for the hook snood.Also make sure that the sinker is connected to the trace via a suitable clip.


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