SeaSafe appointed as exclusive UK distributor for Sundridge commercial clothing range

SeaSafe has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for the Sundridge commercial clothing range. The Sundridge brand has a firm foothold in the commercial marine and fishing sectors throughout Europe. With six figure sales of the Sundridge commercial clothing range – worn by professional mariners – this will be a major boost to SeaSafe’s business.

The volume of this business means that SeaSafe will have to warehouse thousands of items including Sundridge’s best selling flotation suits and foul weather coats with integrated lifejackets. This has necessitated major works at the SeaSafe factory on the outskirts of Cowes – mezzanine floors have been built to accommodate 3000 sq ft of new warehouse space. SeaSafe will also be employing staff that are solely dedicated to supporting this business.

SeaSafeCommenting on this development, Jeremy Dale, managing director of SeaSafe Systems Ltd, said, “We are delighted to have been appointed the UK distributor for Sundridge commercial clothing – this range is already well established with an extensive customer base and substantial sales.

“Apart from the immediate boost to our turnover, we have an excellent opportunity to sell this range to SeaSafe customers so the potential for future revenue growth for SeaSafe is looking very promising.

“One of the reasons I chose these premises is that it had substantial scope for expansion – that decision, a big investment for SeaSafe at the time, has now proved fortuitous”.

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