European Shark Week

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The following email was forwarded to me by Ian Burrett of

The second “European Shark Week” is just a few weeks away. As part of the activities the Shark Alliance has organised an online petition that will take just 30 seconds to complete
This year is truly pivotal for European shark policy. Defend threatened sharks and help stop finning now!

Please Sign

The EU commission is currently developing a community plan of action for sharks  and you have a golden opportunity to help improve the health of our shark populations and related fisheries.

  • Most populations of European sharks and related rays are overfished;
  • One third are threatened with extinction. 
  • Most EU shark and ray fishing remains unregulated and scientific advice for catch limits is rarely heeded. 
  • The EU ban on “finning” (the wasteful slicing off a shark’s fins and tossing the body at sea) is the weakest in the world.

For further information and details of the weeks activities see