Hundreds of sea anglers expected to gather data to protect Scottish sharks

The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network – – will be holding Sharkatag2009 over the weekend 12/14 June 2009 in South West Scotland centred around Drummore, Sandhead and the Isle of Whithorn.

Sharkatag2009Sharkatag2009 will build on the successful SSACN ‘Spurdog Tagathon’ held around Loch Sunart in November 2008 but this time the main target will be tope, the largest of our inshore native sharks.

Many anglers appreciate the stocks of several species of shark in Scottish waters have been seriously depleted, in fact, many species are considered locally extinct. We would like to see the Scottish government and fisheries managers make more effort to protect the various species of shark, but anecdotal evidence – no matter how obvious the situation is – is unacceptable to the government.

They require further evidence through field-based research before they are willing to take any action. Sharkatag is just one of the initiatives we are undertaking to try and meet their evidential needs.

Full details of how to take part may be found at