(June 2007)  Silva Ltd, the exclusive UK distributor for Gerber Legendary Blades – the market leader in lighting products and multitools for harsh environments – has introduced three new flashlights to the UK market.

The Cornea, Firecracker and Tempo each offer different levels of capability but all share the same rugged construction and ultra-powerful LED illumination that make them suitable for a wide of range of leisure and professional applications.  

Anodised aluminium casings and water resistance are standard across the range, but the Cornea adds to that an adjustable beam and an aspheric lens designed to eliminate optical aberrations – giving a purer, more concentrated beam of light.  Powered by two standard AA batteries and 16 centimetres in length, the Cornea gives out 27 lumens at full brightness.  RRP including VAT is £27.50.

The Firecracker offers a more compact alternative at 10 cm in length.  Made to the same uncompromising standard as the Cornea it gives five hours of 12 lumens illumination powered by a single AA battery.  RRP including VAT is £21.95.

The last of the trio is the Tempo.  Perfect for slipping into a backpack, pocket or handbag the tough little Tempo measures just 7.5 cm and uses a single AAA battery to give out 7 lumens of light for around four hours.  RRP including VAT is £9.95.

All three models are ideal for any application where a bright, distortion-free beam of light is required, whether it is in the home, outdoors after dark, or for work-related applications.  Their rugged construction and LED components will ensure many years of trouble-free operation, while the Gerber policy of using readily available battery types will give owners the confidence that their flashlights will always be ready for action.