New top LX model with 5 watts of LED power

Silva has added a new model to its acclaimed L-series of headlamps.  The LX is the most powerful in the range to date, and is ideal for the most demanding of applications.

The 5-watt LED will throw a light beam up to an impressive 75 metres; making it in effect a miniature searchlight – perfect for anglers that need to see long distances across the water or for handling their boats after dark.

The headlamp itself weighs just 73 grams, enabling it to sit easily on the head, with the power coming from a rechargeable NiMH battery pack that can be either be attached to a belt or slipped into a pocket.  With a full charge, the battery pack will give 15 hours of running time on full power – true dusk to dawn performance – and up to 50 hours on power save mode.

The LX has four power modes in all designed to suit all eventualities.  Three different levels of light output are accessible at the touch of a button, plus a blinking mode for attracting attention.  The unit also comes with red and white diffuser lenses for when a softer, more widespread light is required.

With an RRP of £99.95 including VAT, the LX is a top quality headlamp that will give years of high-end performance, and will prove an invaluable piece of equipment for anyone who requires a powerful, hands-free light source capable of delivering in the most demanding of conditions.