What Should I Take When Sea Fishing?

It seems strange but the bigger the tackle box the more you put in it. You struggle to the beach with half a ton of tackle, most of which is never used. So what essentials do you need to take on a fishing trip?

Well obviously your rod, reel and tripod. A spare reel is always worth popping into the box incase of birds nests or reel failure. Bait is obvious but I know of people who have left it behind in the house. Spare sinkers, both grip and plain.

Hooks, swivels and lead links and bait elastic should also be carried. Spare line both main and shockleader, plus a pair of nail clippers to cut line and tag ends. Ready made traces and weatherproof clothing. Other not so essential but worth carrying include a pair of scissors for cutting bait, weighing scale, carrier bag (hopefully for the fish), flask of coffee. Headlamp or torch if night fishing. Towel for drying hands. That should be enough to see you through a fishing session without breaking your back carrying it all.


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