Tetra Boats Launch TenderTrack at London Boat Show


Tetra Boats are launching a new product called TenderTrack at the 2011 London Boat Show.

We’ve all had those niggling worries about tying up our boat whilst we head ashore for a bite to eat and the thoughts of it not being there when we get back! 

TenderTrack is about the size of a box of matches and incorporates a highly sensitive 50 channel GPS and GSM data modem to allow the location of your tender to be constantly monitored on your smart phone.  It’s waterproof and has an internal rechargeable battery that can offer up to 72 hours of operation. 

TenderTrackSimply mount the unit on the tender or outboard (it can take temperatures of up to 70C, so can even sit inside an outboard cowling) and access its functionality through either sending SMS commands to the unit or through a simple web interface.  Users can text TenderTrack for an immediate position report which can be displayed on a Google map.  They can also set up a geo fence radius or area so that once the tender is moored the device will automatically alert owners if it’s moved or drifted.  It could also double up as a great anchor drift alarm for your main boat.

There is a panic button on the front of the unit, which when activated will send a help call to up to five programmable mobile phone numbers, which is great for the kids or if you run out of fuel!

For £7.99 a month, you get an Orange data SIM card and access to a tracking website, which allows you to interrogate your TenderTrack unit and even see a journey history.  It’s ideal for use with an iPhone or smart phone where you have mobile web access.

The system works in UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and is reliant on the cellular network being available to send data.  However, most of our coast lines are well covered and the price includes unlimited email alerts, unlimited web monitoring, setup and up to 20 SMS alerts per month.  Additional text alerts can be purchased in cheap bundles. 

TenderTrack costs £149.95 and is available from www.tetraboats.com or by calling 0117 214 0211.