The TF Gear V8 Distance Reel

The TF Gear V8 has been built with distance casting in mind.  Its long, tapered spool allows line to glide smoothly from the reel during the cast, resulting in more distance.  It has 13 heavy duty ball bearings and precision engineered gears which, when combined with the excellent micro adjustable drag system, gives total control when fighting big fish.  The V8 Distance reel is available in three different sizes so whether you want to use one for spinning or surfcasting, there is one that’s suitable for you.

TF Gear V8 Distance ReelAll TF Gear V8 Distance Reels come with a forged reel handle, and a quick4.1:1 line retrieval for dynamic winding power, which is essential when trying to keep in touch with a big fish at the distances the V8 Distance reel is capable of casting.   The balanced rotor and even line lay ensures the next cast is just as long and smooth as the last.  If it’s a fixed spool reel you are after, this one could tick all the right boxes.

Price: £59.99 (RRP £99.99)

Supplier: Fishtec