Ensearch introduces instant gelcoat shine and colour enhancer without abrasion


Pioneering ‘green’ marine cleaning product manufacturer Ensearch has introduced The Boaters’ Grail, to give gelcoat colour back its shine.  It uses an innovative reflective glass-like layer to enhance colour, instead of the traditional surface-eroding ‘cut and polish’ method.

The Boaters’ Grail effortlessly brings a shine to all gelcoats from the whitest of whites to the darkest of colours. The Boaters’ Grail also enhances faded and sun bleached colours such as dark blue, green and red.

The Boaters’ Grail works by spreading as a thin clear liquid which quickly dries leaving a microscopically thin glass-like layer which reflects light back in a manner which intensifies the original colour and leaves a sparkling shine. It is very easy to use, because there’s hardly any work involved.  Just spray it on, wipe over for an even finish and  allow it to dry.

The Boaters' GrailWhat’s more, the Boaters’ Grail is kind to the environment since it is biodegradable and contains no abrasives.

The innovative product provides a kinder alternative to conventional methods which restore the colour to faded gelcoat, using abrasive compounds to remove the outer sun and weather bleached layer of the gelcoat, to expose the original colour below.  Clearly there are only a number of times this can be done and, with the tendency towards ever thinner gelcoats on many modern boats, it is possible to cause irreparable damage when cut and polish methods are used.

One bottle can treat the hull topsides of a good condition sailboat up to twelve metres in length or, for bulkier powerboats, up to nine metres, so the Boaters’ Grail goes a long way.

Recommended retail price £19.50 inc. VAT for a 250ml spray bottle.