The Sea


Source of all life, key to our survival and home to innumerable and astonishing life forms, the sea has fascinated humanity from its very beginnings. At once remote yet all around us, beautiful and strange, wild and peaceful, it is a host of paradoxes and has provided the inspiration for great poetry, literature, art, music – and photography.
This spectacular book showcases some of the most stunning images of our oceans: the drama of waves crashing into the land, breathtaking views from the air, glacial images of the Antarctic, the vast wilderness of the mid ocean, the weird and wonderful wildlife found beneath it, beautiful yachts and working boats that skim its surface and the heavenly island paradises surrounded by it.
The SeaWith evocative text and page after page of glorious photography, this beautiful book will be a valued and much-loved source of wonder and inspiration.
The photography in this book has been supplied by Bluegreen Pictures. Launched in 2001, the specialist photo agency represents some of the world’s best marine photographers.
Written by Nic Compton, the introductory text and captions add colour and insight, and provide a fascinating background to the gorgeous photography. Nic was deputy editor then editor of Classic Boat magazine from 1996 to 2000, and since then has travelled the world as a freelance writer and photographer. This is his seventh book.

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