Tackle the problems of storing valuable angling and bulky outdoor equipment with the range of high security outdoor stores from Trimetals, with a unique all-metal construction for strength and durability and a 25-year panel guarantee.

Trimetals’ angling stores are available in three sizes and are made in the UK from a high performance, PVC-coated galvanised steel. This means the units are maintenance-free, fire resistant and robust enough to withstand everyday knocks as the steel is approximately 50% thicker and has twice the paint thickness of most comparable products.

Established as market leader in storage for over 45 years, the Trimetals products are acknowledged as offering the most advanced design security as standard to help guard against theft.  For security, all stores are designed to be bolted down onto a hard surface and come with two padlock points as standard with the option to add additional extra strong hasp and padlock sets if required.

“It’s not always convenient or practical to store precious angling equipment inside our homes and often it’s unpopular with our families too.  But with equipment values which are often well into the thousands of pounds, security can be a major worry but our strong, vandal-proof and discreetly designed units have proved the answer for thousands of people.  A Trimetals store frees valuable shed or garage space and is a dedicated place to keep all your stuff safe and together including bait boxes, bivvies and even waders and boots that are both a problem and a pain to keep indoors,” says Andrew Smith, Trimetals marketing director.

The sturdy units come in three sizes and have a spring assisted opening action which allows complete ‘walk in’ access, with integral metal floors.  And they are rodent-proof as well as being easy to wipe out and keep clean without worrying about corrosion as the PVC coated galvanised steel construction carries a 25 year guarantee. 

Additional shelving sets are available for the medium and larger size units which make the most of available space and optional hasp and padlock sets are available for extra security.

Unlike wooden or plastic alternatives, Trimetals stores are maintenance-free and do not warp, crack or discolour over time. All models are available in two-tone green and the largest model in the low profile equine/animal feed range is also available in a cream-coloured option.  

The largest storage unit in the angling stores range, stands 1330mm high, 1960mm wide and 890mm deep.  Prices for the range start from £328 up to £544 for the largest unit and are delivered to UK mainland addresses in a convenient flat pack with all the fixings and easy assembly instructions.

For more information on Trimetals’ full range of superior quality outdoor storage solutions, visit, email [email protected] or call 01258 459441.

Trimetals angling store