Aquapac’s Whanganui Case – Your iPad’s Best Friend

If you’re planning on being in or about water make sure you protect your latest gadget, the Apple iPad with an Aquapac case.  It will keep it dry while enabling you to continue to operate the iPad’s touchscreen, use its buttons and even hear through the case.  Perfect for using on the beach, while kayaking or river rafting.

The Aquapac Whanganui case keeps your treasured gizmo dry by using a water-tight clip mechanism – the patented Aquaclip® – which seals out water.  Guaranteed to IPX8 [Tested by Imperial College London], it’ll cope underwater at depths of up to 5m for one hour.

Portable, it’s supplied with an adjustable shoulder strap and comes with handy desiccant sachets supplied to absorb any condensation in humid climates.

Details: Dimensions of case: W 290mm x L 370mm; SRP:  £25.


Aquapac Whanganui case