One of fishing’s biggest secrets is out. WD-40 multi-use product is making waves in tackle boxes across the waters of Britain.

WD-40, is not only the world’s most famous multi-purpose maintenance product that fixes squeaky hinges and doors; it is also great for cleaning and protecting with plenty of uses in coarse, fly and sea fishing.

From rods and reels to nets and lures, WD-40 effortlessly removes grime, dirt and slime with minimal effort and cleans to a fantastic shine on stainless steel surfaces, especially lures to attract the prize catch.

WD-40WD-40 has devised a list of top fishing tips available on the company’s website ( but WD-40 top wonder uses for angling are:

  • Make your lures lustrous – Clean lures with WD-40 to add extra shine, to reflect the sun and attract fish in murky waters.
  • Keep your tackle clean – WD-40’s water displacing properties make it the perfect tackle cleaner. Not only will fish slime, dirt and grime be removed with ease, tackle will be preserved for future use, due to WD-40’s moisture displacing properties.
  • Supple lines – The smart straw can allow for precise application onto fishing lines, to keep the line from becoming stiff and glide with every cast.
  • Keep reels rust free – There’s nothing worse than a rusty reel when you’ve made the catch of your life, so keep fishing reels rust-free with a regular spray of WD-40.
  • Waders – Keep your waders dry by treating them with WD-40 to drive out moisture.
  • Don’t get that sinking feeling – WD-40 is ideal for keeping your line afloat when float fishing and for flies and leaders when dry fishing.

So you can see that WD-40 really is the fisherman’s friend and the must have for any tackle box. Whatever the fishing problem, WD-40 takes care of it!