World premier for the fishing film site YOUFISH.NU


At all the world’s fishermen can have their fill at last. Here you upload your own fishing film cuts, film spots and films. Or do as most others – look at fishes, enjoy and appraise.

Max Gylling and Mathias Larsson are the brains behind They are both extremely interested in fishing and at the same time IT is one of their big interests. They are convinced that there is a need of such a site.

“Bearing in mind the poor covering fishing has on the TV-screen, I know there is an accumulated need for fishing films. Most fishermen love to check out other’s fishes and fishing situations, says Mathias.

“Besides, today already many fishermen always take pictures of their fishes, so there is not a great step to moving pictures.”

First in the world is the first film site in the world dedicated only to fishing. It is in English and just as on other film sites anybody can upload their own film. After, the film spot is judged by the viewers on a scale from one to five.

1 “A film that gets popular can rapidly have a worldwide circulation: as on Youtube,” says Max Gylling.

2 But Youtube and the other big sites are too big. By creating a site for fishing spots alone, we also create a kind of forum where fishermen can meet. Some films can be interesting for everyone, but other films might be appreciated only if you are a fisherman.

The site opened recently, but already now there are several films from Germany, Spain, USA and the entire Scandinavia.

3 It will take about a year to get established, but our goal is that all people who’s got fishing as a sport throughout the world with access to Internet will know of, says Max Gylling.

A serious hobby
For the time being is run only on a hobby basis, but Max and Mathias are aiming high. “The site is on a very powerful server and already today can receive films in 20-30 different formats where the file may be maximum 100MB in size. There is no special knowledge required to upload one’s film. You can even upload a film directly from the mobile phone via 3G, which means that just about a minute after you’ve caught the fish of your life, the film can be viewed by others at,” says Mathias Larsson.

Max and Mathias are not completely new in the game though. They already run the Swedish site, a site that has become one of the biggest fishing sites in Scandinavia with up to 90. 000 unique visitors per month. With we want to reach even further. Here you can share your fishing experience with the whole world!