Zippo Pocket Hand Warmer

Freezing cold hands on a windy beach, or on a boat, are never good. Trying to bait up, or tie a rig, can be a nightmare!. That’s why it’s essential to have a towel for drying your hands when they’re wet (a simple thing that so many of us forget time after time!) and, in my opinion, a pocket hand warmer!

These are the ‘lighter fluid’ type of pocket warmer and burn for about 12-hours on a fill of fuel that costs a few pence. Over time, these work out FAR cheaper than the disposable type of hand warmer.

Zippo Pocket Hand WarmerThere are lots of manufacturers making similar pocket warmers (I’m quite happy with the Peacock Hand Warmers that I currently own), but our advice would be to make sure you buy one of the better brands from a UK retailer. After all, this is something that is flammable and sits in your pocket – try the cheap Far East ones on well-known auction sites at your own peril! With Zippo, you’ve got a company that really knows what its talking about when it comes to such products; their lighters have sold in the millions the world over.

We spotted this deal on the IWOOT website, which is not a fishing tackle website, but a site that specialises in gadgets, geeky toys and retro things, mainly. If you get time, have a look through the site by CLICKING HERE – if you’re anything like me, you could spend hours on there!

Anyway, this is what they had to say about the main features of the Zippo Hand Warmers:

  • A hand warmer in the shape of an iconic Zippo lighter.
  • Provides up to 12 hours of heat to keep your hands warm.
  • Directions for use: fill with lighter fluid, ignite, slip hand warmer into protective bag and enjoy heat.
  • Features a catalytic burner to prolong the heat.
  • Catalytic burner typically lasts for 70-80 uses.
  • Suitable for ages 18 years +.

At the time of writing, these were selling at just £17.99, with FREE UK delivery. CLICK HERE to see if this offer is still running.