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    It's great to be back and able to write something. Hopefully everyone has got through the last couple of months in good health.

    Since having bought Bellini, an Antares 710 at the end of last year, I've had to sit and twiddle my thumbs. I managed to get a lift and hold at Amble early in the year to check and replace anodes, and later that week to get an engine service done. I'd also bought some replacement electronics from Storrar Marine, which then sat in a box at home since the lockdown had started by then.

    Steve from SDS Marine has done a brilliant job in fitting them meantime, and I'm very pleased with the results. I particularly wanted the Garmin Echostrike to be fitted externally so it can be easily seen when fishing. It gives a very clear image and will hopefully alert us before we come into contact with discarded ropes/pots etc, as well as seeing detail of structure and so on.

    My son, Oli and I drove up to Amble yesterday to remind ourselves of what the boat actually looked like, and to take up all the gear that we had stored at home over the winter. A few guys were on the pontoon and had been out that morning, and said that there were plenty of small fish about, so once we'd finished the chores we decided to take her for a spin for an hour or so.

    We didn't have time to go far so stopped on the skeers around Hauxley. The water is murky inshore, and with a temperature reading of 9 degrees it might be a little cool for mackerel. There were indeed small codling of around 1lb on these marks, and in the kelp there were masses of coalies. It was a bit hiss-miss though as a second drift over the same spot would produce very little. Anyway, it was just very satisfying to be out again, and to see that all worked well. The fish were small, but let's hope for a good season ahead.

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    i would love a boat like yours but just realised i need to win the jackpot on the lotto


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      I'm glad I took the plunge 7 years ago and got my first boat, a superb little Orkney that I first kept at RQ and then for 3 years up at Amble. It was towable too and I took her to different places such as Scotland and Suffolk. A great way to learn, and without too much to go wrong or get damaged. And frankly just as much fun out on the water as some of these gin palaces which just sit in the marina for most of the time. And relatively cheap to run too. Advancing years, and the wish for a bit more comfort, but without sacrificing the fun side of things led me to this latest boat. It's third-hand, and not as expensive to buy as you might think. Forget the lottery, think more like second-hand car prices. I know that's all relative, and if you can't even afford an old banger then it is a pricey item. Quite honestly, it's the upkeep, maintenance and running costs which you have to be careful about. And bits of electronic wizardry LOL .A rough rule of thumb is 10% of the purchase price every year, or a bit less if you can do all the servicing and maintenance yourself. Does it mean I land more fish ? I bet there are guys and gals out there who run much smaller, older boats who can run rings around me in terms of catches. I'm still learning, but having fun while I do so. That's really what it's all about..


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        That's a lovely boat with some nice electrickery and fish to boot! I am hoping to pick my new one up when the bloody virus allows me to get home from work, it's four weeks over my scheduled eight weeks and counting.



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          Blimey Graham, you must be crawling up the wall!

          I remember you showed us a pic of your new one at the start of the build. She looked a very capable boat. Black Betty II ?

          It would only add salt in the wounds to say that it is teeming with fish at the moment. Oli caught something like 100 codling yesterday on small metal jigs. Of that, only 6 were smaller than 1lb. The majority were chunky fish in the 2-3lb range, with the better ones around 5lb. Good-sized coleys around too, as well as some bigger pollack.

          Sorry mate. I know that hurts. Hurry home soon!!


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            5lb Codlings and loads of fish! Only a dream at the minute.
            The new boat is going to be named supersonic following the favorite list of songs theme.
            Recent updates are I should be back mid next month, on the positive though I will be off work until September to play catch-up on the cod hunt.