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Very choppy 2day

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  • Very choppy 2day

    Well i set off out at 6.30am this morning headed straight to cresswell skeers and made my way back hitting differenf marks as i went when i got to the cresswell ares it was a fish a drop and varied species i had pouting pollock coleys and mackerel big uns too full of roe i stayed there until 3.30 then went to newbiggin and it was pretty much the same lots and lots of small tommys nowt bigger than 2lb the ones further north were a better stamp so at 4.45 i headed to blyth and hit a few marks there more of the same so headed home but when i got to whitley bay area i still had a few prawns and slices of mackerel left so i couldnt not stop for a few drops got 2 nice 3lbers so kept them i even had a couple drifts around the mouth of the tyne and got a 3na half pounder what an absolutely brilliant day dispite the rough seas it was really very choppy a bit uncomfortable but i was catching so many fish i had to stay out sorry i havent taken photos 2day ut it really was quite rough out there and to be honest i just couldnt be bothered so heres the tally for one man on his own no exageratng what so ever i got 6 pouting 18 mackerel 4 coley 1 pollock and 81 condling i kept the 4lb pollock and half a dozen codling nothing bigger than 3n a half pound thats 110 fish for one man unreal what a day dispite the conditions

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    Well you did well to get out there today Speirsy. I looked at it and decided it would be uncomfortable to be out in my kayak. Apart from the chop I didnt fancy battling the wind, it seemed to be quite gusty.
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      Youre not wrong very choppy but the drogue helped a lot once the tide turned it was wind against tide so rven though it was windy as hell the drift was between 0.4 and 0.9 but im not gonna lie it was uncomfortable but the amount of fish ia was gettung i just had to stay out great sport


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        There's something addictive about that tug on the rod tip, just as you think it's time to quit and go home! Well done, it sounds like a great day's fishing.