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    well thats it for another year,match fished @ history now.actually think it will go down in history,as least anglers fished it,aswell as least weight of fish weighed in ?.MR.STOREY,im sure will have all the details @ results up later on when he,welldone Mitch dow.forgot 3x9oz whitings weighed in just a couple of years ago.{still crying}.lol.
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    The Scaley backs never played out the neet bud ,, but we'll get it next year 🐟🐟🐟🎣🎣🎣😜
    I am a fisherman !
    It is not merely something that I do
    It is who I am !
    Fishing is not simply my escape.
    It is where I am supposed to be.
    It is not a place that I go
    But a lifelong journey that I am taking
    It is a passage that was shown to me and that I will continue to show others.
    When you understand all of this you will then know me .
    And we will fish together


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      Aye, not a lot of fish showing for the effort put in lads. Nevertheless well done to the North team on the victory. Pleased to see a young angler turning out and giving it a go. Well done young man.

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        reg the fishing is very poor all over at least the two teams turned out and fished the comp well done lads.
        SAR competition was no better today lack of any fish
        consett warlord retired