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Gallery Of Nesa Members' Personal Best Fish

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  • Gallery Of Nesa Members' Personal Best Fish

    Summer of 2003
    Aboard Dave Masons\' boat \"Poacher\"
    Cod 10lb, from a wreck a few miles off the Tyne.

    Ian Cutter
    Summer 2003
    Aboard Dave Masons\' boat, \"Poacher\"
    Ling 8.5lb from the same wreck

    Willywetegg (Jim Gillett)
    July 2006
    Aboard "The Mistress"
    Cod 10lb from a wreck a few miles off Blyth

    Tadpoleman (Bert Gray)
    Aboard "The Boys"
    Cod 30lb 8oz from off the Tyne

    Tadpoleman (Bert Gray)
    Aboard \"The Boys\"
    40lb Ling from off the Tyne

    July 2005
    Aboard \"Tallisman\"
    Ling 7lb from hard ground off Blyth

    Nicky Robson
    June 2006
    Mull of Galloway
    Conger 14lb 10oz

    KeithB (Keith Brown)
    July 2004
    fishing aboard "The Boys"
    Cod 25lbs

    KeithB (Keith Brown)
    June 2007
    fishing aboard "Shady H"
    Ling 16lb5oz

    Dave Mason
    April 2005
    Aboard his boat \"Dolly\"
    Cod 20lb from a wreck a few miles off the Tyne

    Red5 (Rory Lane)
    February 2003
    \"Mark X\" up Northumberland way
    Cod 10lb 80z

    Norman White
    June 2003
    From \"North ling wreck No. 21\"
    Aboard his boat \"Slinky Kate\"
    Ling 13lb

    Rod Gilmour
    January 2006
    From \"The Dolphins\" (Sunderland)
    Cod 7lb 6oz

    Paul Stevenson (fishfinder)
    March 2006
    Lower Tyne estuary
    Cod 8lb2oz

    Summer 1995 ("or 1996")
    Fishing aboard "The Boys" over the "Ling Wreck"
    Ling 20lb 2oz

    Kyle Gray
    Fishing aboard \"The Boys\" over the yellow can off Souter
    Ling 17.5lb

    Kyle Gray
    Fishing aboard \"The Boys\" over a wreck just off the Tyne piers
    Cod 16lb

    Macky (Chris Mack)
    June 2006 Holmpton
    Bass 8lb 60z

    Derren Smith
    March 2006
    \"Lower Tyne Estuary\"
    Cod 9lb

    Alan Charlton
    Some time during the Napoleonic Wars
    Fishing aboard his own boat, \"Alchemy\"
    over \"The Scarrs\" at Luce Bay
    Tope: 59lb

    Alan Charlton
    Some time AFTER the Napoleonic Wars
    Fishing aboard \"Evelyn Jane\" out of Hartlepool
    Cod 25lb

    July 2006
    Taken from just off Whitburn
    Fishing aboard \"Spellbinder\"
    Ling: 22lb+

    Fishing aboard "Slinky Kate"

    Stickler (Jim Carville)
    August 2006
    Fishing aboard Flammer II out of Hartlepool
    Pollock 6lb 12oz

    August 2006
    A golf course in Florida
    ALIGATOR: weight unknown.........would YOU wanna unhook it and weigh it ????

    FISHMAN (John Rutherford)
    February 2007
    Tynemouth Beach
    COD: 16LB

    Marksworld (Mark Conroy)
    February 2007 (during the Tyne Challenge Trophy Comp)
    COD: 7lb 3oz

    codseeker (Trevor Green)
    October 2006
    From "The Shelf" at Souter (Whitburn)
    COD: 6lb 8oz

    Mogthemackem (Darren McGlen)
    July 2007
    Ling: 10lb

    Andy Wilkey
    Cod: 8lb

    The Great Wallsendo (Tony Gray)
    Aboard "Slinky Kate"

    Lawrence Thompson (Lorry)
    Roker 2007

    Davey Keeller (kela66)
    Pollack 9lb

    Davey Keeller (kela66)
    St Marys
    Cod 9lb12oz

    John Stephenson (Snatcher)
    182lb Common Skate

    John Stephenson (Snatcher)
    Pollack 11.25lb
    Luce Bay 2007

    Cod 5.1/2lb
    Marsden 2009

    Paul Galon
    Cod 11lb 4oz
    Northumberland 2009

    Richy Roll (NorthEast1)
    32lb 4 oz ling
    JFK 2007

    Trevor Green (codseeker)
    Cod 10lb10oz Roker Pier 2010

    12lb cod newbiggin cliff
    7lb pollock eyemouth

    5lb wrasse st abbs

    Big Tel
    Cod 16lb14oz

    Eddie H
    15 lb Sweet Lipped Snapper, Diego Garcia. 2005

    JohnE (John Ashford)
    15lb Pollack

    Plaice 4lb 2oz
    South Shields Pier
    September 2007

    Cod 11lb 8oz
    June 2010

    Cod 8lb 4oz
    November 2010

    Curtis Dunn
    5lb 3oz North Crab Hill - Cullercoats

    Lee Riley (Mooseboy65)
    Codling 5lb 12oz South Shields Pier
    Oct 2009

    Mick Dunn
    Pollack 9lb 8oz Norway
    Feb 2012

    Chris Hopkins (ChrisH)
    Cod 19lb 8oz
    Cambois Beach 1999

    Steve Hobbs (StevieH)
    Flounder 41cm
    Tyne at Church Bank, Hebburn

    Alan Robinson, (Rocker)
    12lb 8oz cod
    Seaham north pier.
    January 2012.

    Chris Hulme
    Pb cod 42lb, Norway July 2012

    Richy Roll (Northeast1)
    Halibut 25lb
    Norway Jul 2012.

    Richy Roll (Northeast1)
    Torsk 15lb 3 oz (5oz off the record)
    Norway July 2012

    Richy Roll (Northeast1)
    Cod 28lb 2 oz
    Norway July 2012

    Paul Wastell (Cod Commando)
    Cod 22lb Ling 17lb
    Fishing aboard Bert Gray's boat Shady H
    September 2012.

    Lynn (Mrs Kayos)
    PB Pollock, 13.5lbs
    caught on Trot On, Whitby.

    Chris Smith (The Jester)
    PB Cod, 21lbs
    Caught off Seaham aboard The Jester 'D'

    Graham (big sid)
    PB Ling, 30lbs.
    Caught aboard Stingray.

    PB Ling
    Caught aboard Sarah JFK

    John Clark
    PB Ling, 14lb
    Caught aboard Wandering Star 22/9/2012

    Eddie Stephenson (EddieS)
    PB Common Skate 196lb


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