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South Beach Match 02 results 15/09/2021.

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  • South Beach Match 02 results 15/09/2021.

    Flat with slight ground swell, LW 1.44mt. 23 fished and 21 weighed in 40 fish (33 codling ,5 flounders, 1 coalie, 1 LSD)

    1st Greg Norris, 9lb 6oz, 5cd (inc HF), Collywell.
    2nd Marc Gaff, 6lb 5oz, 3cd, 1lsd, Cambois.
    3rd Dave Delaney, 6lb 2.5oz, 3cd, Cullercoats.
    4th Geoff King, 5lb 3oz, 3cd, 1co, Tyne.
    5th Kevin Moffatt, 3lb 9oz, 3cd, R Blyth.
    =6th Michael Thompson, 2lb 11oz, 3 fl, R Blyth.
    =6th Colin Errington, 2lb 11oz, 2cd, Cresswell.
    8th Michael West, 2lb 8oz, 1cd, Tynemouth.
    9th Gary Hester, 2lb 0.5oz, 1cd, Tynemouth.
    10th David Airey, 1lb 14.7oz, 2cd, collywell.
    11th Iain Galbraith, 1lb 13.4oz, 1cd, hartley
    12th Phil Smithson. 1lb 9.4oz, 2fl, R Blyth.
    13th Kris Archer, 1lb 8.9oz, 1cd, Seaton Sluice.
    14th Bayley Errington, 1lb 7.5oz, 1cd, Cresswell
    16th Steve Alexander, 1lb 6.3oz, 1cd, Collywell.
    17th Mick Gaff, 1lb 4.4oz, 1cd, Cambois.
    18th Stephen Clarke, 1lb 4.2oz, 1cd, Cambois.
    19th Ivan Stott, 1lb 3.4oz, 1cd,
    20th Nathan Wolley, 1lb 2.9oz, 1cd, seaton sluice.
    21st Nicky Robson, 0lb 13.2oz, 1cd, Cullercoats.
    Heaviest fish Greg Norris 4lb 10oz codling.

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    thanks for results.
    any idears,re fishing the next match.


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      Our match was fished in compliance with the new regulations ie no groups of more than 6. Also sign in and sign out in operation for track and test along with Covid Safe weigh in arrangements. If the current regulations change again we will reassess. We will only fish our matches if they are compliant with regulations and safe for our members.