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Abu villan spinning rod 1376731 8'2 20-30 MH

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  • Abu villan spinning rod 1376731 8'2 20-30 MH

    Ring snapped on my abu villan spinning rod .Just my luck out of warranty. Pure fishing sent me a replacement .So it was back parmersvill to see george charlton . Brilliant job
    as usual george . Very helpful and not expensive .Cheers

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    Well its happend again. Nearly to the day Another ring has snaped on my abu villain spinning rod and not through miss use I might add. What is it with these rings. I might as well change all the rings and be done with it. I would advise any body thinking about buying one of these rods to take this in to consideration. I hope george charlton is still fixing rods
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      Birliant. George charlton is still fixing rods. Just been to collect my abu villain again! !!! Craking job as usual george cheers