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Good day out 18/7/20

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  • Good day out 18/7/20

    Electrical gremlins nailed, we were able to get out on the flooding afternoon tide from Amble, and headed north to Craster, where we fished an inner reef for a while, in 40-50 foot of water. There was a reasonable number of fish around, but they were all small, typically no larger than a pound. I had something like 10 of that size, and 3 coleys up to a pound too, along with a pout and the only mackerel of the day. In fact, mackerel were very scarce everywhere we went that day, and there were very few gannets diving.

    We had made a trip out on the previous day, taking my wife on a coastal cruise up to Beadnall. Just a sight-seeing trip, which yielded a spectacular display of dolphins, of which I shall post a few photos in the Boating section, and there had been much greater bird activity then, and that was just 24 hours earlier.

    After an hour of this kind of fishing, we made a short hop to an offshore reef, where, in 80 foot of water the fish were a little larger. I took a further 25 codling, the largest being around 3lb. And another pout. The drifts were good, at 0.7 knots, and water clarity was fine at 10 feet. Water temp was 12.4 degrees, so curious why no mackerel.

    After an hour-and-a-half of that, we ventured up to Newton rock. I started off with a few small coleys, then 3 more codling to 2lb, finishing off with a codling that tipped the scales just over 5lb.Oli was making steady progress all the time with lures, but today, the fish were more interested in the raggies that I had bought at the Seafood centre in Amble.

    By now it was around 5pm, so we decided to see what it was like further out, and so we visited a wreck in over 200 foot of water. The water clarity was great, with visibility down to about 15 feet. It was a good drift speed too. I started off with small cod to around 2lb, but Oli stepped up a gear and landed a pollock that measured 7.5lb. I then had a very bizarre catch, using bare hokkis, I had a 20 cm long dab on the bottom hook and a ling on the top hook. I'm trying to figure that one out. Maybe I somehow picked up the dab on the soft ground just in front of the wreck and the ling went for it ? I have no clue, but it was funny all the same.

    From there, it was a fast dash back to base and get cleaned up. So around 40 codling, a handful of coleys, a couple of pout, a ling, a dab and a mackerel being my tally for the day. Oli perhaps had a few less, but we'd both had a good afternoon session.

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