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150 fish landed - 10 Nov 2020

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  • 150 fish landed - 10 Nov 2020

    Well, I have to say, there are still masses of fish around. It's just that today there was nothing bigger than 3lb, and almost all were around a pound. Not that I should sound ungrateful, but in some ways it was a bit like mackey-bashing.

    I had around 85 codling and 15 coleys, and Oli had at least another 50 codling. Mine were initially taken on frozen prawn, but when they ran out I just used a string of red and yellow imitation sandeels that did the trick just as well. Oli used his homemade lures again.

    We set out from Amble at around 10.00 am after doing a bit of engine maintenance first thing. We stopped off again at Hauxley and from the moment the bait hit the seabed it was a case of fish on, wind up, rebait, drop down and wind up and so on. I had 20 fish in the first hour - a fish every 3 minutes.

    They were very small tides, but the drift was decent thanks to wind and tide working together. Water clarity was good - about 10 feet, and water temp was a surprising 10.5 degrees.

    We then went to Northern Hills, trying deeper water in case the bigger fish were out there, but virtually nothing at 80 feet. The drift took us in and once we were in the 40 foot contour the bites started and lasted through until we had to pull out with around 15 feet under us. There were some nice coley's of about a pound in the kelp, plus a load of small codling.

    The bites had eased off with the slower drifts so we tried some of the skeers, like Bondicarr Bush and Hauxley Point, where the tide was a bit faster, around 1 knot and were again into the fish.

    Still seeking the bigger specimens we tried to the west of Coquet Island, where the tide was very strong, but the fish still all the same size. We ended up at Coquet Flats, but by now the sun was setting and we decided to call it a day.

    Overall, we had a fun day, even if we didn't bring anything home for the table. The photos give an idea of the typical size we had. Given the sheer number of fish out there - it must be like a fish carpet in places - the future looks rosy once they've grown a bit.

    Click image for larger version

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    Loads of fish, they may have been small but it's great to catch. Another great report and pics.


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      "the future looks rosy once they've grown a bit".

      I really hope so, great to see so many fish around.

      Enjoying the late season boat reports

      PB Ling 14.5lb (AUG 2013 Stingray)