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    I haven’t been fly fishing for years.
    I used a Michael Evans line, what’s the floating lines people use these days.
    Cheers Bigfoot.

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    I like the Cortland and Rio floaters but they are pricey. Shakespeare make a very good mid-priced alternative.


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      most of my lines are airflo but I am thinking of selling all my fly gear as never been out for over 3 years now lost interest.
      so any one looking for some good gear drop me a line
      consett warlord retired


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        As Kevin has said, Rio are very good. Cortland "original" lines ie. The peach 444's are good.
        I also like the Greys Platinum lines.
        If you can be bothered you should have a trip up to Hardys of Alnwick.
        The shop has usually got a pretty good selection of discounted Hardys and Greys lines in, especially if your looking for a less popular line weight than the usual 7 or 5 weights.
        The lines usually go for around 12 to 15, mind, that was a few years back.
        I've got a few lines in 5 and 7 weights if you want to give them a go mate.


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          if any one knows of members looking for good fly fishing tackle tell them to contact me. 07511532341
          after 30 years going to pack in fly fishing
          consett warlord retired