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St Mary's - turn right and paddle out a bit ;)

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  • St Mary's - turn right and paddle out a bit ;)

    So, a few hundreds yards east of St Mary's island:

    7 pounds and change and went like the clappers on light gear - I'm using a 20-60g Shimano Vengeance bass rod, and old (classic ) Abu multiplier loaded with thin 30lb braid to a swivel, and about three feet of 20lb mono trace to a weighted 5" sandeel lure.

    Sadly I had to kill it - I couldn't even see the lure it had gone down so far

    Two days earlier I took this lovely 12 pounder on the same rig and it had me all over the place for bloody ages before I got it onto the kayak

    Took me ages to calm down...

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    That's a cracking pollock, well done. You're making the most of your new 'yak.


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      Thanks - I was actually pretty chuffed with the 3 1/2 pound cod and then that bloody great pollack hit like a steam train.

      There was no stopping it

      Wish I'd got into this years ago...

      I bought a Prowler 13 first and then a Tootega Pulse 95 - I've not had the Prowler out since buying the Tootega. That will probably change as the weather and seas change but, for now, I'm enjoying the smaller, lighter boat a lot.

      My daughter is 10 has the Pulse 85 (had to be done) and we have great fun surfing the waves on Longsands in them


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        Nice fish, well done. I got myself a yak recently and been out a couple of times trying to get some confidence. been tipped a couple of times by waves catching me sideways, never seem to be able to turn into them quick enough lol. At the moment I think I would be pretty scared to hook into a pollock like that.

        PB Ling 14.5lb (AUG 2013 Stingray)


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          Some cracking fish there mate, nothing scraps like a good size Pollock, well done.