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  • Anybody got............

    ....a second hand mini freezer I can buy or even hire for a week in August? Have just booked up for a week in Angus again but they’ve no freezer facilities. Have seen a few on eBay at 30 - 40 but they’re collect only and are miles away, under the present shut down. Any help much appreciated.

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    good luck,with FREEZER, search.


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      Thanks Reg,
      It seems a shame to have to buy something that will only get used one week a year but if push comes to shove it’ll have to be done. Mind you as I retire “properly” this summer I might manage one or two winter visits in the future. Might be something else to clutter up Rods garage.


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        I had the same problem....This is what you do ,when non essential shops open go to argos clearance shop, there is one in Stanley and one in valley street Darlington. you may have to go there more than once as they add new white goods stock every week. the only fault with the goods is they will have a cosmetic scratch on them...But they all still come with a 1 year argos guaratee...On my 2nd try I picked up a small table top freezer for 40 ideal for all my frozen bait
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          Thanks Dave, appreciate your help, although being 160 miles from County Durham might prove a bit of a challenge. I’m sure we must have similar discount stores down here in the Midlands. Will check it out.