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    Please post your comments / reviews of Davids book under this topic.

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    \"The marks and photographs are fantastic, coupled with the knowledge David has of them.
    The way he talks of his Dad sounds like me talking of mine - no sadness or bitterness, only pride and happy memories of having had the time we are allowed with them.\"
    Paul Hunter

    \"........couldn\'t put it down until I\'d finished it. An excellent read and very informative.\"

    \"....a book like this can not be left on the shelf.\"
    Alan Charlton

    \"A \"must have\" book for anybody fishing that area of the N.E. coast.
    It\'s not a book just about fishing marks though - it tells the story of a young lad growing up and is peppered throughout with many humerous anecdotes. The book is a fitting tribute to Davids\' dad\"

    \"....... loads of information and I\'ve even used it as a practical field guide. I my opinion, the book is priceless......\"

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      What a lovely book, written with pride and a great deal of knowledge. I am pleased to say that i knew most of the people mentioned in the book and remember them with joy and not with sadness. The book really brought these people from years agoto make it seem like yesterday. Nice one David.


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        posted this next door already but here it is again

        ive been looking forward to reading this book for weeks ,months even and ill tell you what ,its a cracking read even if i never fish any of the marks

        on top of the invaluable information the book made me laugh, smile and in the closing chapter it even had me close to tears

        all i can say is well done David youve done your old man proud

        gonna read it again tonight slowly,some real gems in there
        cheers Bri


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          Well done David on producing a very informative and at times amusing and touching
          It dawned on me today that I have totally forgotten to thank you for including me in your book, so I will take this opportunity to say “Thanks very much David” and I hope orders go so well that you have to go to second edition


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            I see so much of me and my dad in your words.

            I dont mind being the first to admit, Ive had to stop reading it a few times.

            I cant read through tears.

            Maker and inventor of CANNYLINKS, the best rotten bottom system bar none. IMHO!


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              and us fishing without Dads too.
              Maker and inventor of CANNYLINKS, the best rotten bottom system bar none. IMHO!


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                Excellent read David,many thanks mate
                Cheers Alan...


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                  First time for ages I have picked a book up and read it from beggining to end with just one break to make a cuppa, excellent read mate.
                  Never ever met my dad, well not since I was a baby. Very special memories David.

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                    As I was lucky enough to have a copy a while ago and have posted a few times about David\'s book I can only agree with all the comments made ,well done David and I hope it really takes off ,I\'m sure word will be spreading .
                    You can take the lad out of Walker but .......


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                      Got my copy last night when I got in from work. Started to read it whilst having my tea. Managed to put the book down at 01.50 this morning.
                      This book is a MUST BUY item for all shore anglers. especially those that fish the North East coast.

                      Just reading through some of these posts brings Davids book back to mind and a lump in the throat. Well done David and well done Davids Dad.

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                        Thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish.This book will be a success and deserves to be.Well done David and many thanks for the tips and humour.


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                          started to read the book and could not put it down first class never fished the eyemouth area for years so brought back some great memorys. marks that i had forgot about but will have to try again great book david first class read.

                          best fish 16lb cod tynemouth beach feb 2007


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                            Gonna readit tonight, my mate Dale says its an excellent read


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                              I read half of the book at the weekend and half last night. Its great. It\'s reminded me of how pleasureable a days fishing can be and that you don\'t necessarily have to fish freezing cold pitch black winter nights and that half the fun is the scenery and anticipation. And those red cod! I\'d forgotton about those, I havn\'t caught one of them for years - because I havn\'t fished northern rock marks for years, but I will be now.

                              So cheers for the book.


                              (pasted off hotmail)

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