Aquapac launches PackDivider™ Drysacks – intelligent packing



Here’s a genius idea from Aquapac – a range of PackDivider™ Drysacks that can be used inside other bags for the ultimate in organized and intelligent packing – putting a stop to endless rummaging around for belongings.

Available from March 2013 the Drysacks come in 4 sizes – 2, 4, 8 and 13 litres and are great for keeping items separate, adding extra waterproofing for your gear thanks to fully taped seams and will prevent annoying leakages from toiletries spreading.

Made from silicone-coated ripstop nylon the translucent material enables you to easily see the contents of each Drysack at a glance.  They are brightly colour coded to stand out in a bag, allow for easy access to essentials and come with grab handles at both ends.

SRP:  £9 – 2 litre; £10 – 4 litre; £12 – 8 litre; £13 – 13 litre.

Aquapac PackDivider™ Drysacks