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How To Make Your Own Shads

{Now and then, we get sent an article that simply deserves to be read by as many anglers as possible. The following piece on how to make your own shads is one such article! Thank you, Norman. I hope that a few people decide to give it a try after reading this. I’ve kept the

Lugworm & Half Cuttlefish Wrap

Nobody said sea fishing was clean and tidy. In this video, Dave Barham proves that it isn’t. However, all that ‘mess’ you see is ‘scent’…which spells ‘food’ to cod! As with a lot of the videos that the Boat Fishing Monthly crew produce, this is one that can be used when beach fishing, too. Also,


Leading boat insurance experts Haven Knox-Johnston provide a timely reminder of last year’s winter which caught out many boat owners leaving them with an average repair cost for a frost damaged engine of £7,000! An insurance policy provides cover for damage caused to your boat by frost only if you have taken reasonable precautions to

Angling Advice & Survey – Lifejackets

Mario Siano is the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s national liaison officer for angling. He has been analysing the Coastguards angling search and rescue incidents over the course of this year and has noticed some interesting trends: Many of our angling-related incidents this year have involved angling boats suffering engine failure and having to be towed

Bouncing For Bass

Boat Fishing Monthly editor Dave Barham reveals an exciting method for catching bass by bouncing live peeler crabs on the sea bed   A Day On The BassWhen I first received the call from BFM contributor Ryan Lynch asking if I’d like a day out bass fishing on his mate Pete’s boat I jumped at

10 Top Tips For Monster Bass

Everyone loves to catch bass, but how are you going to target a double-figure fish? Boat Fishing Monthly Editor, Dave Barham, reveals his top ten tips…. 1 When it comes to the top baits for catching huge bass, the top of the lot has to be fresh mackerel. Both livebaits and fresh head and guts

Your Plaice Or Mine?

If there’s one species to break the winter blues the plaice has to be it. Boat Fishing Monthly editor Dave Barham heads south to find the first plaice of the season. Great FunI love any form of light tackle fishing, and do my best to go as light on the lead front as possible wherever

Tope Handling

A code of best practise As part of a programme to protect a threatened species, recent Government legislation has put severe controls on the catching of Tope in England. Effective from 6 April 2008 anglers will only be able to catch Tope on a catch and release basis. Under no circumstances will Anglers be allowed

Leadheads for Cod and Pollack

Article Kindly Supplied By Jim Tait My friend and myself have used leadheads for many years, catching a surprising variety of fish. The following description is how we use them. Hope it is of interest and a help. History of how we arrived at Leadheads As with most things in life, it wasn’t a sudden

Hammerhead Shark Taking A 100lb+ Tarpon

**WARNING – THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SWEARING** A recent surf around the YouTube website showed that there are now more fishing videos on there than ever. One which caught my eye was this one of a hammerhead shark taking an angler’s tarpon. The person who uploaded the video said: "After a 1 hour fight on this