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Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus Boat Rod

The first thing that struck me about the Fladen Maxximus Nano Plus Boat Rod was the bag it came in! Normally, a rod bag is just a flimsy cotton thing. Nothing wrong with that; it’s just there to keep the rod parts together and offer a little protection. This rod, however, has a padded bag

Avanti Team Seatbox

At first glance, the Team Avanti Seatbox looks like the Shakespeare seatbox that you will see in abundance any weekend on the beaches of the UK. To be honest, I’d go so far as to say that it is an attempt at copying this icon of the sea fishing world. With it’s padded strap and

Ultimate Fishing Adventures

I could quite happily have kicked Henry Gilbey in the nether regions, if he’d been standing in front of me one particular day last week. I’d left the house at 6:30am to walk the dog. It was a lovely morning – the sun was breaking over the horizon, the air was fresh, there was a

Mini Peacock Pocket Warmer Review

With the first cold snap of the year hitting us in the UK, I decided it was a good time to do a review of the Mini Peacock Pocket Warmer, a petrol-fuelled hand warmer that gives hours of heat. I ordered mine from Broom Tackle Box and it arrived the very next day.I won’t go

Polaroid Hydro 36 Fishing Sunglasses

Most people will tell you that they’ve got a pair of ‘Polaroids’, but when you check, they sometimes haven’t. Polaroid is a brand name and, so good is the product they make, a lot of people use the term ‘polaroid’ to describe any make of polarising sunglasses. More often than not, people with inferior brands

Fujifilm Z33 WP Waterproof Camera

I’ve been through quite a few digital compact cameras over the years. Technology has moved on so  much, and prices dropped at a similar rate, that I’ve felt compelled to ‘upgrade’ from time to time. That may be about to stop now, however, as I think I’ve found a ‘camera for life’ in the shape

iDry Waterproof iPhone Case

If I was the editor of a snorkelling enthusiasts’ website, I’d have been worried when I received the iDry. Here is a £9.99 product that I’m expected to stick my beloved iPhone in and actually swim underwater with. The instructions even state that you need to take care when inserting your iPhone into it, as

Penn Dynabraid

{This review was submitted to another site of ours, but this is a braid that may appeal to sea anglers – Ed} Like many other anglers, I know very little about the manufacture or technology of ‘super braids’, but I do use this for a variety of tasks in my sea fishing, however  I think

Crazy River Mini Skinner Knife

It’s probably not the done thing to say you like a knife these days. It seems that due to the actions of a stupid minority, every legal knife owner is criminalised by default. Well, I’ve owned knives since I was a young lad and it may surprise readers of tabloid newspapers to know that I’ve

Penn Angler Pack

I’ll probably get shot for saying this, but well built reels need very little in the way of maintenance. I know people who’ve owned reels for years and never given them more than a quick wash down with water. I’m one of them. However, my Abu 7000’s started sounding a bit ‘dry’ the other day