Mini Peacock Pocket Warmer Review

With the first cold snap of the year hitting us in the UK, I decided it was a good time to do a review of the Mini Peacock Pocket Warmer, a petrol-fuelled hand warmer that gives hours of heat. I ordered mine from Broom Tackle Box and it arrived the very next day.

I won’t go heavily into how a pocket warmer works here. Not only are there simple instructions enclosed, but some of you may remember that I reviewed the Standard Peacock Hand Warmer some time back (and loved it) and explained how to fill and light it. You can read that review by CLICKING HERE. I still have that hand warmer (I’m not sure why I call them hand warmers rather than pocket warmers – it just seems more ‘normal’ to me, even though they sit in my pocket and warm my whole body!) and am delighted to say that it’s just as good as ever.

I’d decided that I wanted another one, simply because I have two hands and two front pockets most of the time – it seemed only fair to warm both sides of my body up! I chose the mini one this time for no other reason than to give me an opportunity to compare it against the standard one that I’d already reviewed.

Peacock Hand WarmersObviously, the Mini Peacock Pocket Warmer is smaller than the standard one (the clue’s in the name). It measures approximately 9cm x 6cm and is about 1cm thick. Therefore, it’s more discreet than its larger brother, which is about 10cm x 7cm x 1cm.

I already knew how to operate the warmer (see my previous review), so decided to compare it as soon as it arrived, filling each pocket warmer with one cap-full of fuel each and lighting them. My timing was perfect because, as already mentioned, we were just getting our proper first cold spell of Autumn.

I’m no scientist, but here’s what I expected; having a smaller wick and, therefore, a smaller area to burn fuel, I expected the Mini Peacock Pocket Warmer to burn longer.

Here’s what actually happened….

In my experience, and I’m on my second day of testing now, the mini warmer burns hotter and for a shorter length of time. When I say ‘shorter’, let me point out that it was burning for over 16 hours on one fill! It wasn’t as hot at the end of the cycle as at the start, but it was still enough to keep me warm. That was incredible, in my opinion. I’d put one cap-full of fuel in, but you can put another half in if you want a longer burn. I refuelled the warmer the same day and it seems to be doing the same – it’s definitely warmer on the same fuel load as the larger one. In fact, it’s warming away in my pocket as I type.

Having thought about it, I suppose it makes sense – the larger lighter spreads the fuel about a larger area inside, so would release it for burning more slowly. If I filled it with double the fuel, I’m sure it would burn hotter. Both warmers amaze me, though; how do they manage to burn for so long on such a tiny amount of fuel?

Which Would I Buy?
Tricky one, that. For most fishing sessions, the Mini Peacock Pocket Warmer would be more than adequate. Not only that, but being smaller makes it more discreet and easy to slip into your pocket at other times (I use my standard pocket warmer all over the winter!). The larger pocket warmer would be better for longer sessions, I suppose, as you can fill it with more fuel. That said, filling and lighting these things takes seconds, so it really is down to your own preference.

Mini Peacock Hand WarmerIn Summary
I’ve been called all manner of names by my friends because of my apparent obsession with things that keep me warm; ‘Big Girl’ and ‘Jessie’ seem to be favourites. However, I couldn’t care a hoot. Wherever I go in the UK, people are obsessed with the weather and constantly moaning about the temperature. The solution is simple – BUY YOURSELF A PEACOCK POCKET WARMER.

In fact, buy two.

If you’re warm when you’re fishing, or at any other time come to that, not only are you likely to be able to use your fingers to do the tasks you want them to do, but you’re also more likely to be in the state of mind to enjoy what you’re doing. I’ve seen plenty of people pack up and go home because it’s too cold. Peacock Pocket warmers will help you avoid being that person.

Where To Buy
It’s possible that you can buy a Peacock Pocket Warmer from your local tackle shop. A few sell them. However, as you’re almost certainly reading this review on a computer, CLICK HERE to see a selection of them for sale online in their various sizes. As mentioned right at the start, I got mine from Broom Tackle Box.

With delivery, I paid £25.20 for the mini pocket warmer. I’d also like to point out that this was £25.20 of my own money and that I thoroughly recommend this product not because somebody sent me one for free, but because it’s something I feel is so good that I’m happy to fork out my own cash for it. Twice!