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Single Hook Clipped Down

Clipped Down Pennel Rig

Two Hook Flapper Rig

Up and Over Rig

Three Hook Flapper Rig

Snaggy Rig

The length of the rig is determined by the severity of the snags that will be encountered at a particular venue, ie not many snags maybe a 3 foot rig, really snaggy 10 inches is long enough. Its a standard paternoster except that the bottom crimp is replaced with the telephone wire tightly coiled below

Plaice Rigs

The basic rig consists of a length of 30lb line tied to a swivel and ending in a lead link. The distance between the lead link and hook snood swivel is variable between 15 and 25cm. Use the shorter length in a slack tide and the longest in a strong tide. The two snoods above

Rotten Bottom Rig

The Rotten Bottom is part and parcel of some North East angling. My version is designed for simple lob casting over short distances. The trace ends in an oval split ring above which is a large round bead kept tight against the spilt ring with a crimp. Attached to the bottom of the spilt ring

Wishbone Rig

Worth including though it’s a rig I carry but rarely use – unless I either get desperate or wish to try something for fun. It’s biggest advantage, of course, is that it allows two baits – either the same or different, to be fished close together, thus doubling both the scent trail and offering fish

1Up 1Down Rig (Clipped)

A Simple rig incorporating 2 hook snoods. 1 of the hooks is tied at the top of the trace length and the other tied at the bottom. This rig obviously doubles your chances of fish but also allows you to fish 2 different baits at slightly different depths. If fish constantly come to one hook