Polaroid Hydro 36 Fishing Sunglasses

Most people will tell you that they’ve got a pair of ‘Polaroids’, but when you check, they sometimes haven’t. Polaroid is a brand name and, so good is the product they make, a lot of people use the term ‘polaroid’ to describe any make of polarising sunglasses. More often than not, people with inferior brands are amazed when they try on a true pair of Polaroids. They didn’t become a market leader for nothing!

I recently got my mitts on a pair of Hydro 36 fishing sunglasses from Polaroid and was instantly impressed by the presentation. The glasses come in a semi-rigid case, which offers them great protection when you’re not wearing them. A lens cloth is also included.

Unlike a few of my friends, I tend not to wear sunglasses as a daily fashion item, choosing to wear them when they’re actually needed, instead. Obviously, when fishing, polarising sunglasses are an essential item. The added protection they give your eyes from flying tackle is a bonus, and they protect your eyes from harmful rays, but the real reason I wear them is the fish-eye view of the underwater world that they give me. I still remember the first time I tried any type of polarising lens – it was a real ‘Eureka!’ moment!

Polaroid Hydro 36 Fishing SunglassesI do own other sunglasses with Polaroid lenses and these are the ones I reach for more often than not when fishing. The difference in lens quality to an inferior brand has to be experienced to be appreciated. Polaroid lenses sometimes cost more, but it’s money well spent.

The Hydro 36 sunglasses are my type of sunglasses. They are not too flashy, extremely light and fit snugly. As I don’t wear glasses any other time, I’m acutely aware of any glasses that are uncomfortable. These ones are so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them in no time at all. The rubber-padded nose grips eliminate any digging into the nose, which is something which puts me off wearing some other glasses for any length of time.

The blue lenses offer good protection in high sunlight situations, as I recently confirmed on a trip abroad. They will also compensate well for surface glare when angling afloat. The side protection stops any unnecessary light entering from the side, something which sets proper ‘working’ sunglasses aside from ones that are mainly for cosmetic use.

The Hydro 36 Polaroid Sunglasses are specifically designed with anglers in mind and can be purchased directly from Polaroid. At the time of writing, the price was £52.99. CLICK HERE for more details. You’ll also find other styles in the Polaroid range, so there’s bound to be one to suit your own personal needs. These are top-notch sunglasses, as you’d expect from the world’s best known maker of shades.